the art & science of thackerspeed

'70 Pontiac GTO AFVK

The Quest For Freedom Without Chaos In An Ever-Changing Context

Ladies and whatever, if thinking is the best way to travel, and if there’s safety in numbers, then I want you to join me now as I travel along the superhighway of mindful thought and action. The destination is neither here nor there. We will see what we can see.

The Art & Science Of Thackerspeed  is a work in progress. Parts One, Two and Three have a projected completion date circa June 2022.

All commentary provided is based on years of personal research and inquiry, necessary knowledge, experience, and record of achievement in the practice of human relations within the arena of used automobile sales.

The purpose of this study is to connect data from multiple databases to form a single view of a highly integrated system. The end is aimed at strategic social and economic alliances that help all community members flourish.–M.S.T.

Last Revised: 12/1/2021