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art in the 21st century

United States Postal Service: America On The Move postage stamps. In the general course of aesthetic history, there have been countless attempts to define ideals;  but there are no genuine assertions that proclaim aesthetic progress occurs. Yet, in the realm of industrial design, and the mediums that inform and define it, there is a genuine technological progress.… Read More »

motor car illustrations: early 20th century

From March-May, 1910, Life Magazine inside front cover advertising showcased the above noted six full-color layouts for The Columbia Motor Car Company. The name of the illustrator is barely visible on the advertisements. The Willys-Overland Company developed their market position with advertising illustrations by Coles Phillips (1880-1927). The following advertisement illustration was produced by Phillips… Read More »

the new mercury eight

Mercurius, the ancient Roman god of commerce, serves as swift messenger to the other gods, and as mediator between entities of the upper and lower worlds. Through his many adventures, Mercury has also acquired recognition as the patron god of travelers. In 1959, Ford Motor Company, Mercury Division, assigned internationally known sculptor Marshall Fredericks (1908-1998) to produce… Read More »