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art in the 21st century

United States Postal Service: America On The Move postage stamps. In the general course of aesthetic history, there have been countless attempts to define ideals;  but there are no genuine assertions that proclaim aesthetic progress occurs. Yet, in the realm of industrial design, and the mediums that inform and define it, there is a genuine technological progress.… Read More »

may you live in interesting times

The 1953 Studebaker Starliner Hardtop was originally designed by Robert E. Bourke, with help from assistants Randy Faurot, and Holden “Bob” Koto who styled the interior coachwork, all working under contract from Studebaker through Raymond Loewy Associates. Since the car’s introduction in tandem with the Starlight Coupe, it has inspired and motivated countless car culture freaks to perform… Read More »