thackerspeed.comPART ONE. THE QUEST FOR FREEDOM WITHOUT CHAOS IN AN EVER-CHANGING CONTEXT: Means & Ends–Motor Vehicle Varieties And Forms. 
 9/23/13.  The Relevance Of A 16-cent Bus Passenger
The Promise Of Existentialism
This true story of social relations in a questionable utopia was originally published August 12, 2010 in Mofo from the Hood’s Blog.
9/25/13.  Unique Value Proposition: Overland Motor Cars
Profiles In Empire-Building
In January, 1908, Overland Automotive Division of Standard Wheel Company was purchased by John Willys North, and in 1912 reformed as the  Willys-Overland Company.
9/26/13.  Key To A Richer Life
The World According To General Motors
10/20/13.  The Full Dimensional Living Tradition
The Means And Ends Of Automotive Engineers And Stylists
In dealing with the hardships of everyday living, does the private automobile serve us as a practical necessity, or is it just a trivial self-indulgence?
10/21/13.  A Portrait Of My Love
Nobody Could Paint A Dream
The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled.
10/22/13.  What Kind Of Fool?
Deeds Not Words
10/26/13.  I Was A Teenage Car Detailer
Cooperative Group Effort Has Consequences
M.S. Thacker reveals his foundation of knowledge about the car industry.
10/27/13.  Why I Left Commercial Art For A Future In Custom Car Sales
Words Cannot Undo Facts
Whether on the internet or in person, people are judged by the way they solve problems. So whenever I read or hear any statement, I always ask myself “Is that true?” “What’s the evidence?” “Where’s the proof?” “How reliable is the source of information?” I never accept a view that I know is inadequate.
11/3/13.  The Glitz, The Glamour, The Glory Of Used Car Sales
The Age Of The Technofunctional
Some car advertisements designed by M.S. Thacker.
12/1/13.  Cars Don’t Ask Silly Questions. Cars Understand.
Can’t Live With ‘Em. Can’t Live Without ‘Em.
Company Founded 1852. First Automobile Marketed 1902 (Electric). First Gasoline Automobile Marketed 1904.
 1/2/14.  This Is A Promotional Advertisement
The Desirable And Compliant Object
1/3/14.  Collect ‘Em. Trade ‘Em.
This Dream. That Dream.
1/4/14.  Mid-Century Intellectual Capital
The manufacturing of Studebaker cars ended in 1966. The decision was based on a number of reasons, primarily mismanagement of production to meet demand and a high cost of labor, which constrained the achievement of high profitability above the break-even point. The whole story of Studebaker cars into the 1960’s turned out as a classic tragedy–in this case, a truly great association of people seemingly overcome by a cartel of competing car manufacturers, bankers, and governmental groups.
1/5/14.  May You Live In Interesting Times
It’s A Big World. Somebody Has To Design It.
The 1953 Starliner Hardtop and Starlight Coupe has inspired creative revisions of the car by enthusiasts in every category of car design.
1/6/14.  Salt Flat Champions
Marvels Of American Engineering
1/7/14.  Mid-Century Design By Committee
Equality Ruins
1/8/14.  Love, American Style
Any Way You Want It, That’s The Way You Need It
The 1961 Studebaker Lark VI Skytop was one of many Lark variations.
1/9/14.  Of Course, Of Course
Always On A Steady Course
Studebaker horse-drawn vehicle manufacturing was established worldwide decades before the advent of motor vehicles.
1/10/14.  In The Sunshine Of Another Day
Form, Content, Ideology
The things we imagine do not have to exist in exactly the way we imagine them. Industrial designer Raymond Loewy provided the context and a highly skilled group of technicians that helped bring into existence the 1963 Avanti.
1/11/14.  Into The Now
Inner Directed. Outer Directed. Over Directed.
The last years of Studebaker Corporation car manufacturing reached into the 1960s’s, although many other divisions continued to serve the public.
1/15/14.  1966 Avanti II Road Test
Complete review and car specifications from Motor Trend Magazine, November 1965.
WILLYS CARS  1908-1953
John North Willys, Overland franchise dealer, successor by acquisition of Overland Automobile Company, founded 1903.
2/1/14.  The Man The Tech-Men Made
Think Fast, Mr. Willys
Personal writings of John North Willys; plus a 1927 photo of Willys standing in front of Willys-Overland Motors, Inc. administration building in Toledo, Ohio.
2/2/14.  An Essential Difference
Moving Toward Contentment
2/3/14.  Willys-Knight Motor Car
Double Sleeve-Valve Engine
2/6/14.  Willys-Overland Whippet
Running With The Pack
2/15/14. The Price Of Liberty Is Eternal Vigilance
Willys And The Problem Of Human Association In The Changing World
VIDEO: Restoration of 1937 Willys coupe (56 minutes).
2/23/14.  Americar
Willys Legendary Street & Strip Dream Machine
2/25/14.  Ends And Means
Willys-Overland Motors 1948 Station Sedan Foreshadows The Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Craze
2/26/14 .  Willys-Overland Motors Inc. 1953 Franchise Offer
A display of a national print advertisement; plus two photographs of Willys-Overland Motors, Inc. administration building.
BUICK CARS  Founded 1899. General Motors Owner 1908-Present
3/1/14.  Objects And Motifs
Beyond Ornamental Art
3/2/14.  The Synthetic Imagination In 1937
Ineffable Creativeness
3/3/14.  Sources Of Design: The Buick Showroom
Innovation And Novelty In Tacoma, Washington Circa 1949
3/4/14.  ’49 Roadmaster
Yes, Master
3/5/14.  Seduction By Sedanet
Roll Me Baby
3/6/14.  Double Nickel
Not Too Extreme
3/7/14.  A Study Of Form And Content
High Fidelity Communication
3/9/14.  The Lady Is A Tramp
Personality Expressed Through Choices
Convertible soft tops.
3/10/14.  Them!
The Need To Change Pace: Going From A Posture Of Observation To A Stance Of Participation
1964 Riviera.
3/11/14.  The Gods Have Spoken
Live A Life That Leads
Resource: General Motors Press Release. 1971 Buick Riviera.
3/12/14.  Impressions
Cutaway illustration of 1968 Wildcat.
3/19/14.  ’88 – ’91 Reatta
A 2-Seater Sports Car With The Luxury Of A Buick Riviera
3/30/14.  East Is East & West Is West
From Concept To Design To Manufacturing, Buick Operates In Two Different Worlds
FORD CARS  1903-Present
4/1/14.  Lookin’ For Trouble
Amusing Digital Art From Jerry001 Posted At DeviantArt.Com
4/2/14.  Tech Talk: Repo Man
Keep On Truckin’
Lightweight utility vehicles built for general consumer and commercial applications.
4/2/14.  Yesterday’s Work
A look at three utility vehicles adaptable for commercial deliveries.
4/3/14.  Sources Of Design: The Ford Showroom
Theme, Variation, Contrast, And Unity
4/3/14. The Aesthetic Emphasis
Beauty Is Never Boring
4/5/14.  ’70 Ford Torino
Full-Size Performance Coupe
4/6/14.  ’69, ’70, ’12 Boss 302
Larry Shinoda’s Answer To Chevrolet’s Z28 Camaro
4/6/14.  ’69 Boss 429
High Performance. Limited Production.
4/7/14.  Fifth Generation Mustang
2005 Retro-Futurism
4/8/14.  2015 Mustang GT
Imaginative Renderings
4/8/14.  2015 Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition
Traditional Theme. Technical Excellence.
4/10/14.  A Beautiful Experiment
Argument From Design–Ford GT40
The revealed effects of thought, wisdom, and intelligence between planning, design, & achievements.
MOPAR CARS  Chrysler Corporation  1926-Present
 5/1/14.  The Eye Sees. The Mind Recognizes.
Learning To Look
Resource: Dodge Public Relations press release, 1970 Dodge Challenger.
5/2/14.  Art In Everyday Life
Editing The Environment
1970 Dodge Challenger advertising.
5/3/14.  ’70 ‘Cuda
Greg Evans Photography
5/4/14.  ’70 ‘Cuda AAR
5/5/14.  ’70 ‘Cuda Color Chart
Graphic Wit
This practical image was isolated from an authorized factory brochure.
5/6/14.  Full-On Digital ’71 ‘Cuda
Master Artist Sam Curry
5/7/14.  Digital Realism ’71 Hemi ‘Cuda
Master Artist Russ Swenklev
5/8/14.  Grocery Getter
What’s On Your List Today?
5/16/14.  The Beat Goes On
1968 Plymouth Roadrunner Debut In Print Advertising.
5/16/14.  ’70 Roadrunner
Reference: Chrysler Public Relations Press Release.
5/16/14.  ’70 GTX:
Progressive Image Reproduction
Black & White photography, color photography with special effects, plus 3D model imaging of GTX interior offers a varied perspective. Reference: Chrysler Public Relations Press Release.
5/17/14.  Dodge Charger Fever Dream
Fever ‘Till You Sizzle
5/17/14.  Charger R/T By Photo And 3D
From Manipulating Things To Manipulating Symbols
5/17/14.  Full-On Digital ’69 Charger R/T
Master Artist Sam Curry
5/23/14.  ’70 Super Bee
Multiple Renditions Of The Dodge 2-Door Coronet
5/23/14.  Bee-Attitude
An Attitude, A Life, A Civilization
CHEVROLET CARS  1911-Present
6/1/14.  Tech Talk: Chevy Upgrade
Chevy’s Come With Everything You Need; Almost
6/2/14.  Corvette
C1 Study
6/2/14.  Corvette In Cutaway
Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
6/11/14.  789
Kustom Kulture Korvette
N2A Motors in Santa Ana, California offers the made-to-order “789,” a carbon composite body conversion for C6 Corvette collectors. Custom molded fiberglass is used for accent trim; and if requested, chrome-plated by Classic Components Inc., Santa Ana, California. Unlimited paint, interior, and mechanical variations. Convertible or fixed top. Visit to view extensive photographs of the build process from sketch to clay model to finished car.
6/11/14.  High Dynamic Range Imaging 789
In Croatia, They Do Things Differently
Representational art in the form of digital photography produced by Croatian technician Elvis Blazencic.
6/14/14.  I’m Watching You Watching Me Watching You
Looking For Clues
6/14/14.  Anyplace Anytime Anyway
Modernism Unhinged
6/15/14.  Corvair
Air Cooled, Rear Engine Sports Coupe
6/20/14.  Camaro SS
Super Sporty
PONTIAC CARS  1926-2010
8/3/14.  A Timeless Thrill
AF & VK 1961 Bonneville
8/4/14.  Monte Carlo
AF & VK 1962 Grand Prix
8/4/14.  St. Tropez
AF & VK 1963 Grand Prix
8/4/14.  Bermuda House
AF & VK 1964 Bonneville
8/11/14.  Hydra Gazebo
AF & VK 1969 Le Mans
8/12/14.  The Jacobshorn
AF & VK 1971 Firebird
8/14/14.  Four Art Fitzpatrick & Van Kaufman Paintings w/Dimensions
SOURCE: COACHBUILD.COM – Van Kaufman and Art Fitzpatrick original artworks for sale.
8/15/14.  Pictures & Words: Interpretation & Transformation
The Contribution Of The Graphic Artist And The Copywriter
DESOTO CARS  1928-1961
9/2/14.  De Soto Expressionism
An Exploration of Unrestrained Individualism
9/3/14.  Always On The Guest List
Exquisite Loiterer
9/3/14.  Nuclear Family
9/6/14.  The Tones And Half-Tones Of Temporary Forms
Poetry In Motion
9/15/14.  Styling And Aerodynamics
The Power Behind The Chrysler Corporation Forward Look
The decade of the 1950’s is often characterized by advances in art and science. Contemporary artist Sam Curry produced his interpretation of an early ’50’s Chrysler Hemi V-8 by using computer photo-editing tools Cinema 4D, and Photoshop CS3.
MERCURY CARS  1938-2011
10/1/14.  The New Mercury Eight
Faster, Cheaper, Better
Edsel Ford’s contribution to the family business.
10/2/14.  V-Type Hi-Power
Industrial Arts Energy
10/3/14.  Six-Passenger Coupe
The Essential Mercury
10/4/14.  ’61 Comet Super-Enamel
The Syncretism Of 2D & 3D Color Application
10/5/14.  A Comet Tale
A Long Distance Journey To Settle The Mettle
This narrative was featured by Hemmings Motor News at, February 27, 2021. “Four-Links–moving Goldenrod, new scenic byways, panamerica, Comets, snowdrifting Z,” by staff writer Daniel Strohl.
10/6/14.  ’65 Comet Illustrated
The Romantic Impulse
10/7/14.  ’66 Mercury Comet Cyclone GT
A New-Generation Comet
10/8/14.  ’67 Cougar
Computerized 3D imaging by artist Vizualtech.
10/9/14.  A Leading Contender
High-Performance Know-How
On October 8, 1967, the 300-mile long final road race of a twelve circuit cross-country series, once and for all, determined the winner of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Trans-American Sedan Championship. Pacific Raceways, located near Kent in Washington State, was the scene for the national circuit finals for 1967 model stock cars…
2/14/15.  She Likes Me For Me!
American Motors, Sparkle Someone Else’s Eyes.
2/15/15.  Another Time. Another Place.
Can’t Get There From Here
2/16/15.  Gremlin In Cutaway
Reading Between The Lines
2/19/15.  Tech Talk: A Proper Wheelie
What’s Up?
2/21/15.  ’71 Jeep CJ-5 Renegade II
Outlandish Fun
2/21/15.  ’74 CJ-5
Built For The Country Side Of Life
2/21/15.  CJ-7 VS. CJ-5
Mechanical Evolution
2/25/15.  ’87 Jeep YJ
From Country Man To City Boy
2/27/15.  ’68 AMX
What Price Glory?
2/27/15.  ’68 Javelin. ’69 Big Bad Javelin.
AMC? Yes, AMC.
2/27/15.  ’71 Hornet SC/360
Get Your Buzz On
2/28/15.  ’83 Eagle SX/4
AMC Innovation & Novelty
2/28/15.  The Plasticity Of AMC. March 10,1987
Assimilation & Transformation
THACKERSPEED EXCLUSIVE:  American Motors publication, The story of American Automobiles
SATURN CARS  1990-2007 (Spring Hill, Tennessee Plant)
6/1/15.  Saturn Performance Club
Masters Of The Universe
6/2/15.  Red Hot Versus White Hot
Color Me Gone
6/2/15.  Goofin’
Agile Manners
6/2/15.  Ion
NHRA Sport Compact Drag Racing Approved
6/2/15.  SCX Concept. Ion Redline Production Model.
From Concept To Reality
6/3/15.  Sky Redline
Direct Injection, Turbo Charged, 260 HP Sports Car
6/15/15.  VUE
A Runaway Success
Cutaway drawings of the front wheel drive/all wheel drive sport utility vehicle.
6/16/15.  L-Series
Building A Car For The World Market (continued)
The 2000 model year offerings from Saturn included a larger 4-door sedan in response to customer requests for a car to accommodate business and family needs.
6/18/15.  Paradigm Shift
Break On Through To The Other Side
An aerial photograph of  the Springhill, Tennessee manufacturing plant; plus a video summary of the company rise and fall within the corporate structure of General Motors.
TESLA CARS  2003-Present
7/1/15.  Pure Energy
All-Electric. All The Time.
7/3/15.  Neon, Musk, & Pleasures
Radiant Relationships
7/4/15.  Street-Smart
There’s A New World Somewhere
7/6/15.  The Need For Creed
Peace Be With You
7/7/15.  Sources Of Design: The Tesla Showroom
Twenty-First Century Selling
PORSCHE CARS  1931-Present
8/1/15.  A General Survey Of Porsche Cars: 1965-1973
A Look At Two Products Of The Stuttgart, Germany Factory: 911 Coupe & 911 Targa
8/5/15.  Porsche 356 Manufacturing
VIDEO: “Made By Hand” Porsche and Ruetter factory worker production, recorded as it happened.
8/20/15.  Automobili Intermeccanica Porsche Speedster
German Design. California U.S.A. Reinterpretation.
Two magazine articles from 1978 explain how one can buy a replica 1957 Porsche Speedster.
9/3/15.  Unconventional Thinking. Intellectual Mobility.
A Reasoned Approach To Travel
The Volkswagen Beetle is still produced today, although its original concept of continuity has somewhat been sacrificed for the concept of progress.
9/3/15.  VW Beetle 1949-1974 Chassis Numbers
A Method Of Identification
9/5/15.  Poor Man’s Porsche
Karmann Ghia: A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing
9/6/15.  Type 1 Engine & Chassis
Why The Engine In The Back?’
VIDEO: Volkswagen Beetle Air-Cooled Flat-Four Engine Rebuild Time Lapse
VIDEO: Building Last Beetle In Mexico 2003
9/7/15.  Type 3 Engine & Chassis
Type 3 1961-1973 
9/21/15.  Believing Is Seeing
Volkswagen has developed and refined its factory and motor vehicle products incrementally since its founding in 1938.
9/25/15.  Volkswagen Scirocco
A New Direction In Propulsion And Cooling Systems
Resource: Car and Driver magazine road test of 1978 Scirocco including vehicle specifications. Three Scirocco magazine advertisements from 1977 and 1978.
11/1/15.  Anglo-American Design
The Consequences Of Strategic Alliance
Sunbeam Tiger. AC Cobra. Period advertising plus Motor Trend magazine reviews of each car.
DE LOREAN CARS  1975-1982
11/15/15.  The Vanishing Breed
From 1975-1982 and beyond, DMC of Ireland and its founder, United States auto engineer and former General Motors executive John DeLorean, influenced the auto industry like no other. VIDEO: DeLorean DMC Dealer Prospectus. Description of prototype car, marketing and distribution plans and objectives–prepared for prospective investors and dealers. VIDEO 2: John Z. DeLorean speaks to DCS 2000. VIDEO 3: 1966 Pontiac Motor Division dealer event address by General Manager, John Z. DeLorean. VIDEO 4: 1967 Pontiac Motor Division dealer event address by General Manager, John Z. DeLorean. VIDEO 5: 1988 six-minute interview of DeLorean by Detroit television news station.
Made In England
11/30/15.  Aston Martin Superleggera
Patented by Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera (super light) in 1936, the superleggera system consists of a structural framework of small-diameter steel tubes that conform to an automobile body’s shape and are covered by thin alloy body panels that strengthen the framework.
12/1/15.  Creativity, Flexibility, Influential Ideas
12/5/15.  Around $10,000
Italian-American Design: De Tomaso Pantera And Fiat 124 Spider
Alejandro De Tomaso, founder of De Tomaso Automobili (De Tomaso Modena S.p.A.).
Tom Tjaarda (1934-) an American designer who based his career in Italy.
ALFA ROMEO CARS  1910-Present
12/6/15.  100 Anni Di Alfa Romeo
Video Archive
12/7/15.  1954-1994 Dual Overhead Cam Inline 4-Cylinder Aluminum Alloy Engine
A Durable And Reliable Engine, Incrementally Modified To Meet Social Pressures And Government Demands For Efficiency.
Forty years after Alfa Romeo set the standard for consumer use of the twin camshaft engine, derivatives of this race car engine design are now commonplace in world-wide car manufacturing.
12/8/15.  Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1955-67 & Guilia 1962-72
12/9/18.  105 Spider, Series 1
12/10/15.  Alfa Romeo Spider 105, 115 Series
A brief summary of the Spider 105, 115 series including a video by a qualified expert explaining how to inspect and evaluate a 1967-1994 Spider.
12/13/15.  Cutaway Illustration: Series 4 Spider
12/15/15.  Alfetta GTV
116 Series. GTV Model Years 1975-1980. GTV-6 Model Years 1981-1987.
12/16/15.  The Alfa Romeo Trio
Peterson Publishing Company review and general specifications list of 1977 Spider Veloce, Sprint GT, and Sports Sedan.
12/19/15.  Post WW2 Model Identification
International Auto Parts paperback guide for model and vehicle identification numbers. Alfa Romeo dealer brochure for exterior and interior color choices, circa 1977.
12/20/15.  Diagrams 1983-1990 Spider
Construction & Components
SOURCE: International Auto Parts, Inc. Alfa Romeo Spider Workshop Manual: No. 04264 (International Auto Parts, Inc. 1988).
1) Outside Dimensions
2) Fuel & Air Intake System: Electronically controlled Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection system.
3) Cooling System
4) Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning
5) Engine Ignition
6) Overview: Engine Compartment
1/21/16.  All Aboard!
Public Transit Option: Railway Travel
1/21/16.  Folks Wagon
Public Transit Option: Bus
1/22/16.  Motor Ferry Kalakala
Public Transit Option: Overseas Motor Ferry
1/22/16.  Monorail
Public Transit Option: Railway Travel On Elevated Track
2/11/16.  Freewheeling
Taxicabs As Subject Matter For Art
2/15/16.  Free Market
2/15/16.  Free Enterprise
2/22/16.  Free Association
Public Transit Option: Car And Driver For Rent
3/23/16.  Turn Off At Walnut Street
The Place Where Old Cars Retire
3/25/16.  Daddy-O
Rolling Junk Yard
3/25/16.  Day Of Wreckoning
One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Treasure?
3/25/16.  Motor City
Aerial Photo Of Detroit, Michigan Circa 2015.
3/25/16.  With Exciting New Appeal
It is believed that about one-third of the U.S. economy involves illegitimate business dealings. In the car theft world there used to be something called the 30-Day Special.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric

5/1/16.  British Motorcycle Advertisements
The British Empire developed the largest real estate and economic network in the history of civilization. The factories of England shipped their products, including motorcycles, to every continent. Motorcycle brands such as Triumph, BSA, and Norton set the standard for excellence for generations of motorcyclists. Some of the best photographs of any vehicles can be found in print advertisements. Oftentimes the ads will also include some factual history of a particular marque. The achievements of any vehicle manufacturer are deemed worthy and documented ultimately as a result of their products ongoing satisfactory use long after production has ceased.
5/18/16.  Electrification
e-Motorcycle Alternative
5/31/16.  A Look At Motorcycle Engines
6/1/16.  A Workable Plan: Building A Car From Concept To Production
Source: Car and Driver magazine. Don Sherman 11/18/15.
7/1/16.  Internal Combustion Engine
8/1/16.  How To Build A Hot Rod
10/1/16.  The World’s Fastest Car In 1906
Stanley Motor Carriage Company
Steam propulsion in a personal motor car was an available consumer choice until more efficient and alternate means of propulsion were developed. Eventually builders who produced the least expensive motor cars attracted the largest share of consumers. To meet demand, innovative build processes, like the mechanical assembly line, developed to meet the demand for faster, better, and cheaper cars.
10/15/16.  EV: The Power of Electric Vehicles
Cars And Trucks For Moving People & Products
11/1/16.  Kit Cars
In the Golden Age of print advertising, when people read newspapers and magazines for news and entertainment, it was the role of illustrators to convey the essence of goods and services for sale. Creative-Design teams were the superstars of that era, but they were not generally known to the public. With the aid of today’s powerful internet search engines as well as printed reference books, I’m in the midst of an ongoing exploration of the artists who dominated the scene in the pre-digital communications era, and some contemporary artists who express their ideas in full digital layouts perhaps best defined as electronic ink.
12/1/16.  Motor Car Illustrations: Early 20th Century
Representational Art And Abstract Art Find New Subject Matter In The Automotive Age
12/2/16.  The Charm Of The Beautiful And The Useful
A Quick Study Of The Thought Categories Of John North Willys and Cole Phillips
12/3/16.  Style Is The Man
Where Do You Get Your Authority?
Virgil Max Exner (1909-1973), conceptual artist and automobile designer, developed and refined his craft amongst the most talented stylists of the 20th Century. Exner held the position of executive stylist for General Motors, Pontiac Division; Raymond Loewy Associates; Studebaker Corporation; Chrysler Corporation; and his own company, Virgil Exner, Inc.
12/4/16.  Art In The 21st Century
Mind Over Matter
Art Fitzpatrick along with fellow illustrator Van Kaufman produced as a team hundreds of automotive advertising images for corporate manufacturers.
12/5/16.  Opportunity Cost: FoMoCo Styling Office
If I Could…, Would You?
In 1955, John G. Gump received an employment proposal from Ford Motor Company. Gump accepted, and generated ideas for Ford automobile styling over the course of three decades.
12/6/16.  Bill Campbell’s Car-Icky-Tures
The Conceptual Illustrations Of Bill Campbell
12/7/16.  Charlie Allen’s Evidence:
The Proof Is In The Printing
Illustrator and ad designer Charlie Allen produced high-profile automotive art during the pre-digital age of graphic communications.
12/8/16.  Harry Borgman Edition
From Commercial Art To Fine Art To Blogging, Harry Borgman Speaks
12/9/16.  The Hot Side Hot. The Cool Side Cool.
General Motors Alternate Allure Of Speed According To Turbosquid And Squir
12/10/16.  The Electronic Ink Of Sam Curry
Into The Moment
The information is thin regarding the historical and social context which influences artist Sam Curry. However, the outcome of his influences is revealed by his catalog of digital art, currently available for study at the community website archive
12/11/16.  Full-On Digital ’67 Karmann Ghia
Virtual Poor Man’s Porsche
Strayshadows And Sam Curry Reinterpret A Volkswagen Sports Car
How and when does one decide what’s a luxury and what’s a necessity? Is the ability to examine and distinguish the difference between an opinion (a value judgment) and a material fact, a faculty that we’re all born with, or is it something we learn? The ability to classify, analyze, and evaluate claims and propositions is all a matter of living a coherent life–to do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way.
SALESMANSHIP: Can A Slave Persuade A Free Man To Purchase Goods And Services?
This section will explore the two fundamental players in any sales transaction, and there are only two: Someone who wants to buy something, and someone who wants to sell something. One widely accepted starting point or assumption that guides economic exchange is that not all people are equal. Where individuals differ is in the degree of their functional capacity to reason. Many people wont, don’t, or can’t think critically. One controversy that dates back to ancient times and precedes Aristotle’s book Politics relates to the questions of progress through social exchange and what would an ideal society look like, and what are the qualifications and duties of citizens. Given that not all people are equal, can the lesser–the slave (Defined by Aristotle, a slave is one who lacks the functional capacity to think for himself, and therefore is told what to think, rather than how to think.)–give rise to the greater, an ideal society of autonomous rational free men? The over-arching quest for freedom without chaos is based on the assumption that such a state of affairs is possible through social exchange guided by rational thought and action. It has been said that men are not rational; they’re not irrational; they’re almost rational. There lies the starting point for salesmanship based on specious tactics and fallacious appeals.
1/2/17.  Point Of Sale
1/5/17.  The Man Who Sold 13,001 Chevrolet Motor Cars
Salesman Extraordinaire Joe Girard
If a salesman is defined as one who uses an intelligent systematic approach which influences another to consent to a proposal; and a different salesman emulates that same process of influence, then both salesmen will achieve identical results. If true, then why has Joe Girard singularly retained the record of the highest number of cars sold within a given period of time?
PART THREE. THE BUSINESS ORGANIZATION: Action Gives Theory Meaning. Plans And Recommendations For Freedom Without Chaos In An Ever-Changing Context. (forthcoming work in progress)