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art in the 21st century

United States Postal Service: America On The Move postage stamps. In the general course of aesthetic history, there have been countless attempts to define ideals;  but there are no genuine assertions that proclaim aesthetic progress occurs. Yet, in the realm of industrial design, and the mediums that inform and define it, there is a genuine technological progress.… Read More »

pictures & words: interpretation & transformation

At the point where an illustration is altered by the addition of words, the original representation may transform from a description to a prescription. Categorically within the community of commercial advertising, interpretation of an original artwork and then transformation by language systems is the intent; and the visual alteration of a work for economic gain… Read More »

four art fitzpatrick & van kaufman paintings w/dimensions

SOURCE: COACHBUILD.COM – Van Kaufman and Art Fitzpatrick original artworks for sale 4 original Gouache and Acrylic Van Kaufman and Art Fitzpatrick paintings. These are some of the finest the pair painted (3 were set in Monte Carlo) for Pontiac from 1959 to 1971. The originals were used to get approval from the Pontiac marketing board… Read More »