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a leading contender

On October 8, 1967, the 300-mile long final road race of a twelve circuit cross-country series, once and for all, determined the winner of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Trans-American Sedan Championship. Pacific Raceways, located near Kent in Washington State, was the scene for the national circuit finals for model year 1967 stock cars.… Read More »

a comet tale

No one had ever attempted to drive forty days and forty nights through fourteen countries, spanning the globe from Argentina to Alaska. The route from Ushuaia, Argentina to Fairbanks, Alaska offers any challenger the extremes of weather and the unpredictability of international roads. But on September 12, 1964 a team of rotating drivers and three Mercury… Read More »

’61 comet super-enamel

For the model year 1960, Mercury introduced an unconventional car; some might say, an innovative car by company standards. The Comet  was the first Mercury ever sold without a V8 engine. What’s in a name? The Thrift-Power 6, an inline six cylinder engine rated at 114hp with an estimated 25 miles per gallon gas economy, attracted 100,000 buyers… Read More »

the new mercury eight

Mercurius, the ancient Roman god of commerce, serves as swift messenger to the other gods, and as mediator between entities of the upper and lower worlds. Through his many adventures, Mercury has also acquired recognition as the patron god of travelers. In 1959, Ford Motor Company, Mercury Division, assigned internationally known sculptor Marshall Fredericks (1908-1998) to produce… Read More »