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the man who sold 13,001 chevrolet motor cars

In 1963 Joe Girard started selling cars in Detroit, Michigan. He worked for a Chevrolet franchise his first two months and excelled. He left that Chevrolet dealer to work for Merollis Chevrolet where he stayed for fifteen years. His first year selling new cars and trucks, all retail sales and no fleet sales, totaled 267 units sold. Over the course of his… Read More »

i’m watching you watching me watching you

Leisure driving as a popular pastime and living tradition spans over one hundred years. So too does the pastime of finding and selecting the right car that expresses one’s inner vitality. But even after the best car salesman emancipates a customer from total reliance on guesswork, even after the decision to buy, the customer still… Read More »

high dynamic range imaging 789

Representational art from 2010 produced by Croatian technician Elvis Blazencic. This triptych highlights the capacity of the internet to inform and influence people globally. One of the unusual features of Blazencic’s fictitious compositions is the shadow placement; it is not common to photograph cars with the light source shining from behind the subject. Secondly, the pervasive distortion, carnival mirror-like, creates a… Read More »


The American Look: Kustom Kulture “789” Corvette. A masterful reinterpretation of blended styling and engineering originated by Chevrolet, reconceived and hand crafted by independent artisans and technicians. N2A Motors in Santa Ana, California offers the made-to-order “789,” a carbon composite body conversion for C6 Corvette collectors. Custom molded fiberglass is used for accent trim; and if requested, chrome-plated by Classic Components Inc.,… Read More »

corvette in cutaway

  TRADITIONAL CUTAWAY AUTOMOTIVE ILLUSTRATION These diagrammatic images are produced wholly by mind and hand coordination with the use of photography, pencil, Rapidograph technical pens, matte drafting film, airbrush & compressor, acrylic paint, friskets, and transparent lithography film. Cutaway technical drawing serves people beyond Research and Development labs and automotive trade journals. The insatiable curiosity of the general public has sought… Read More »