the man who sold 13,001 chevrolet motor cars

By | January 5, 2017
Joe Girard0001

Joe Girard, age 49 in 1977 when the hardback edition of this book was published, is the cover model on this paperback book edition first published in 1979.

Merollis Chevrolet. 1928 – Present. 21800 Gratiot Ave, Eastpointe, Michigan. Model year 1965 Chevrolet Impala convertible parked in front of dealership.

Joe Girard (R) at Merollis Chevrolet sales desk.

In 1963 Joe Girard started selling cars in Detroit, Michigan. He worked for a Chevrolet franchise his first two months and excelled. He left that Chevrolet dealer to work for Merollis Chevrolet where he stayed for fifteen years. His first year selling new cars and trucks, all retail sales and no fleet sales, totaled 267 units sold. Over the course of his fifteen-year career, selling within that same retail category, his total number of units sold reached 13,001 cars and trucks.

Merollis Chevrolet, 2017. Same building shown in the 1965 advertisement above.