british motorcycle advertising

By | May 1, 2016

1968 BSA 654cc Thunderbolt

1968 BSA 650cc Spitfire IV

1967 BSA 650cc Spitfire IV

1968 Triumph 650cc Bonneville

1975 Triumph 750cc 3-cylinder Trident T160

1975 Triumph 750cc 3-cylinder Trident T160

1976 Norton 850cc Commando

1976 Triumph T140 650cc Bonneville. T160 750cc Trident. Norton 850cc Commando.

The British Empire developed the largest real estate and economic network in the history of civilization. The factories of England shipped their products, including motorcycles, to every continent. Motorcycle brands such as Triumph, BSA, and Norton set the standard for excellence for generations of motorcyclists.

Some of the best photographs of any vehicles can be found in print advertisements. Oftentimes the ads will also include some factual history of a particular marque. The achievements of any vehicle manufacturer are deemed worthy and documented ultimately as a result of their products ongoing satisfactory use long after production has ceased.


Images scanned from magazines in my personal collection–M.T.