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By | March 25, 2016

NYC 1970

It is believed that about one-third of the U.S. economy involves illegitimate business dealings. In the car theft world there used to be something called the 30-Day Special. It worked like this:
1. Steal a car.
2. Keep it out of sight for 30 days..
3. Strip it down to almost nothing, and (quickly and discreetly) put the almost worthless, stripped down shell of what’s left on the street for the cops to find.
4. After 30 days, car insurance companies – almost all of them – write a stolen car off and cut a check to the owner/victim for its replacement value.
5. Now the stripped down car goes to auction, because no one wants it (remember, the original owner/victim has moved on and bought a new car, with the insurance company’s money).
6. You, the thief, buy the car at auction for scrap value. You can afford to outbid anyone else, because you’re going to:
7. Put the stripped parts back on.
8. You now have a complete car with a clean title.

Warning:  The 30-Day Special is also known as Grand Theft Auto—a felony.