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By | September 3, 2015

VW Factory 1951 BrochureVolkswagen Beetle Factory

There is a living tradition of German car design that is derived from the 17th and 18th century Enlightenment ideals of reason, logic, and systematics. The general aims of this manner of thinking are focused on the everyday activities of people; and how the individual and society, each, could be changed for the better.

In mid-20th century Germany, the consequences of Enlightenment rationalism resulted in a car design that promoted a truly vital renewal of post World War II Germany; and the emancipation of socially marginal groups worldwide. That car design, the Volkswagen Beetle, is still produced today, although its original concept of continuity has somewhat been sacrificed for the concept of progress. The effect of such design and production experiments is a scientific and economically viable transition, for certain individuals and societies, from a mechanical to a cybernetic personal transportation culture.–M.S.T.

Deconstructed VW Beetle

Volkswagen Type 1. Rear Engine. Air-Cooled Flat 4-Cylinder. Rear Wheel Drive. 4-Speed Manual Shift Gearbox.

1951 VW Brochure