high dynamic range imaging 789

By | June 11, 2014

789 HDRI Lewis 1

789 HDRI Lewis 2

789 HDRI Lewis 3

Representational art from 2010 produced by Croatian technician Elvis Blazencic. This triptych highlights the capacity of the internet to inform and influence people globally. One of the unusual features of Blazencic’s fictitious compositions is the shadow placement; it is not common to photograph cars with the light source shining from behind the subject. Secondly, the pervasive distortion, carnival mirror-like, creates a vague tension while conveying whimsy.
These three imaginary scenes placed side by side with photos of the real-life 789 serve to distinguish the degree of mental dexterity and master workmanship required to produce the real-world car.
Whether or not Blazencic intended his art as whimsy, it is the original N2A applied art and science , both 2 and 3-dimensional productions, which has caught the attention of the world and generated praise and economic benefits for the N2A alliance and their supporters.–M.S.T.