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The American Look: Kustom Kulture “789” Corvette. A masterful reinterpretation of blended styling and engineering originated by Chevrolet, reconceived and hand crafted by independent artisans and technicians. N2A Motors in Santa Ana, California offers the made-to-order “789,” a carbon composite body conversion for C6 Corvette collectors. Custom molded fiberglass is used for accent trim; and if requested, chrome-plated by Classic Components Inc.,… Read More »

into the now

Sunset? Or Sunrise? A contemporary evaluation of the context of this 1963 advertisement would likely match that of the Studebaker Board of Directors and stockholders from the era. Studebaker Corporation stopped making trucks and cars, including the Avanti, at their South Bend, Indiana headquarters in December, 1963. A second factory, located in Hamilton, Ontario, built Larks until closing… Read More »

in the sunshine of another day

“Non possiamo andare avanti cosi.”  (We can’t go on like this.) The central problem in automobile aesthetics is the relation of form to function. A skillful designer may test his assertions by displacing all the old clichés of car design so effectively that before long his dramatic new styling or design becomes the reference upon which… Read More »

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The Studebaker Lark was produced in various models from 1959-1966. Duncan McRae designed the first generation Lark, produced from 1959-61. The 1959 model year was a sensational success for Studebaker, bringing profit to the company for the first time since 1955. Brooks Stevens restyled the Lark inside and out, sometimes subtly, sometimes radically, for the model years 1962-66.