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around $10,000.

Excerpt by Rory Jurnecka,, January, 2017. “Catching Up With Tom Tjaarda, Automobile Designer” Tom Tjaarda (1934-) is an American designer who based his career in Italy, working for many of the country’s top design houses [Ghia, Pininfarina, Fiat, De Tomaso, Rayton-Fissore] where he penned cars such as the original Fiat 124 Spider and the… Read More »

the vanishing breed

From 1975-1982, DeLorean Motor Company of Ireland and its founder, United States auto engineer and General Motors executive John Z. DeLorean (1925-2005), influenced the auto industry like no other. Address by General Manager of Pontiac Motor Division, General Motors, John Z. DeLorean, covering 1965 model year achievements, and view toward 1966 model year potential for success.… Read More »

unconventional thinking. intellectual mobility.

There is a living tradition of German car design that is derived from the 17th and 18th century Enlightenment ideals of reason, logic, and systematics. The general aims of this manner of thinking are focused on the everyday activities of people; and how the individual and society, each, could be changed for the better. In… Read More »