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’71 jeep cj-5 renegade II

In 1970, American Motors Corporation bought Kaiser-Jeep Corporation, and the all-terrain vehicle brand became Jeep Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of AMC. Essentially, since the early 1940’s, Jeep vehicles held a unique position in the marketplace, with no serious competition well into the 1980’s. AMC engineers and marketing experts continually developed all aspects of the… Read More »

a comet tale

No one had ever attempted to drive forty days and forty nights through fourteen countries, spanning the globe from Argentina to Alaska. The route from Ushuaia, Argentina to Fairbanks, Alaska offers any challenger the extremes of weather and the unpredictability of international roads. But on September 12, 1964 a team of rotating drivers and three Mercury… Read More »

pictures & words: interpretation & transformation

At the point where an illustration is altered by the addition of words, the original representation may transform from a description to a prescription. Categorically within the community of commercial advertising, interpretation of an original artwork and then transformation by language systems is the intent; and the visual alteration of a work for economic gain… Read More »

sources of design: the buick showroom

The Mueller-Harkins Buick agency, an authorized dealer and service center, was established in 1916. Their offices and showroom operated within a multi-franchise auto row near 7th & Broadway in downtown Tacoma, Washington. In the first week of December, 1948 Mueller-Harkins welcomed the public to their new location, just three blocks away at 455 St. Helens Avenue. The four photos… Read More »

willys-knight motor car

The Willys-Overland Company produced nearly a half-million Willys-Knight automobiles from 1914-1933. The distinctive sleeve-valve engine also powered the Willys-Overland Falcon-Knight and Stearns-Knight automobiles, two marques produced for the very prestigious luxury market.  

the man the tech-men made

THE AUTOMOBILE AS A CIVILIZER The New York Times June 6, 1909 BY J. N. WILLYS, President Overland Automobile Co.There is probably nothing in the industrial world of this country that has surpassed in interest the wonderful growth of the automobile industry.  From seventeen makers of motor cars in 1898 to approximately 300 in 1909,… Read More »