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Getting Assistance With Professionals Could Save You Time And Money

Hello Friend,
You work hard. You play hard. You want excitement. You want to reward yourself.
The most rewarding and satisfying thing one may buy is both means and ends to full dimensional living. For over 100 years the automobile is that thing which has served to satisfy the need for excitement, power, and pleasure.
Here’s some information that may help with your planning.
Investment plans, insurance plans, & maintenance service plans available.

There is no incentive for a bank, or a car dealership, to provide one loan or three loans, unless the borrower will provide two things: a significant down payment which minimizes the lender risk; and proof of the ability to pay back the loan.

Bring cash for a down payment. Bring all the items noted below. Bring a co-signer for the purchase, if you think it’s necessary.
We’re building a masterpiece. Bring all the stuff on the list to the dealership. Whatever happens after that depends on what you bring.
The Following Items Are Needed For An Investment Plan.
CREDIT APPLICATION: I have a simple form and I’ll ask you the questions and fill in the blanks.
PROOF OF INCOME: A pay stub dated within the last 30 days, preferably one which shows income accrued year-to-date.
PROOF OF RESIDENCE: A piece of mail sent recently to your current home address, and noting your name—A Utility Bill, A Phone Bill, A Form From A Government Agency.
PROOF OF INSURANCE: I can provide an agent, if you want a new quote for coverage.
CONTACT REFERENCES: People that we could call in the event that we can’t reach you. Please provide six names, local or out of state, with addresses and phone numbers.
TRADE-IN VEHICLE: A trade-in is not required, but if you want, I’ll appraise and bid on your trade, whether it’s paid for, or not. Bring your vehicle registration (and title if you own it). Bring all sets of keys. Also helpful, but not required: Bring receipts for recent vehicle repairs or improvements.
CASH FOR DOWN PAYMENT: Many buyers and sellers prefer an amount equal to 20% or more of the sticker price. Certain customers qualify for zero-money down plans.
The whole process to prepare the needed forms should take around an hour.
Call, text, or E-mail me direct for up-to-the-minute information.
Mike Thacker
253-752-9494  Phone/Text

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