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By | November 1, 2016
A 1985 “British Coach Works Model 52”, a 1952 MG TD replica. Available on a Volkswagen Beetle chassis as well, this particular car is built using Chevrolet Chevette parts. This is one of fifty built for the “Schweppes Great British Sweepstakes”, where the cars were raffled off after having been on display in stores across the country. There is a “Schweppes Special Edition” badge on the hood. (photo & storyline courtesy of Mr.Choppers via Creative Commons, wickimedia commons)
Advertisement Source: Kit Car Illustrated/June 1991, page 44
Classic Roadsters Ltd. Item & Price Sheet, Circa 1985
Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess Brochure, Circa 1985
Advertisement Source: Kiwanis Magazine/June/July 1991, page 19
Classic Roadsters Ltd. Austin Healey Replica. Circa 1985.

Circa 1985, the American industry for kit cars offered a variety of high quality fiberglass coach designs that represented British sport cars. The marketing of the American reproductions included many high quality print advertisements with imaginative photography, skillful writing and captivating graphic design.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and many automotive enthusiasts do admire the sincerity of the American made coach designs, it’s interesting to note the extent of the marketers flattery.

In 1960, Studebaker Corporation, an American automaker based in South Bend, Indiana was known as an innovator that offered high style products. Many other automakers would later imitate the innovations from Studebaker and likewise profit financially.–M.S.T.

Studebaker Corporation. 1960 Lark Convertible.