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American Look '58

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The American Look: Kustom Kulture “789” Corvette.

A masterful reinterpretation of blended styling and engineering originated by Chevrolet, reconceived and hand crafted by independent artisans and technicians.

N2A Motors in Santa Ana, California offers the made-to-order “789,” a carbon composite body conversion for C6 Corvette collectors. Custom molded fiberglass is used for accent trim; and if requested, chrome-plated by Classic Components Inc., Santa Ana, California. Unlimited paint, interior, and mechanical variations. Convertible or fixed top. Visit FredKanter.net to view extensive photographs of the build process from sketch to clay model to finished car.

789 Orange

N2A Motors, who assimilated and creatively adapted Chevrolet ideas and technology,  promises that every “789” built represents custom specifications from individual patrons, and is therefore unique–No 2 Alike.

In the April 20, 2007 edition of AutomobileMag.com, Fred Kanter, N2A chairman, noted:

“Three years ago, my friend George Kerbeck, owner of the Chevy dealership in Atlantic City, had a brainstorm. He was going to have his body shop cut and weld parts from 1957 through ’59 Chevrolets to create the ultimate 1950s icon. Those three cars are striking, and this was the only time in history when three successive model year Chevys were each unique designs.

“I asked George for thirty minutes to improve on his inspiration. A quick call to Terrence Robinson at the Kanter Concepts studio [now the home of N2A Motors] produced a sketch returned by fax. Kerbeck deemed our design better than what he had in mind, so we decided to build it. Using Corvette underpinnings was the logical approach, because it’s the world’s best performance value, and its spaceframe construction fits our needs perfectly.”–M.S.T.

Read more: http://www.automobilemag.com/reviews/convertibles/0706_2007_n2a_motors_789/#ixzz2ypYTLUlp

Series #001 was sold August 1, 2007.

789 Driveway 1

789 Driveway 3

789 Driveway 2

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