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By | May 2, 2014

I put a spell on you,
Because you’re mine.

You better stop
The things that you’re doin’.
I said, “Watch out!”
I ain’t lyin’.

I ain’t gonna take none of your
Foolin’ around.
I ain’t gonna take none of your
Puttin’ me down.'70 Dodge Engines

I put a spell on you,
Because you’re mine.
All right!



“A two-dimensional visual design serves more importantly as a commentary on the artist’s experience of the world than as an actual experience itself.”–Mike Thacker
In a typical advertising design–a pragmatic communication produced to guide action–a double and corroborating impact can be achieved through blended images of word and pictorial symbol.
Short, enigmatic statements paired with representations of traditional, or novel, objects of intrigue impress the viewer that more is being said than is actually said. The viewer is charged to connect the blended images and then rationalize interpretations of the proposition.
The fictitious composition at the top is a juxtaposition of images isolated from an authorized Dodge Challenger print ad, and song lyrics circa the same era.
The composition below is a complete reproduction of an authorized print ad.

Orange '70 challenger-colorado

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