double nickel

By | March 6, 2014

1955 Buick Roadmaster 11955 Buick Roadmaster 21955 Buick Roadmaster 3

The important aspects of these representations of Buick automobiles is not the literally true factory specifications, but the intensity and vividness of the aesthetic reality. The artists involved were not trying to represent a sentimental form of an original factory production car, but rather they intended to express an imaginative reaction to their experienced sensations.

The silver and black Buick displayed above is a reworked 1955 Roadmaster 2-door coupe. The red and white Buick displayed below is a reworked 1956 Special 2-door coupe which recently sold at an American auction for $55,000.00.

1956 Buick Special back1956 Buick Special side1956 Buick Special front1956 Buick Special interior


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