sources of design: the buick showroom

By | March 3, 2014
1949 Roadmaster displayed on revolving turntable.

1949 Roadmaster displayed on revolving turntable.

Mueller Harkins Buick 112.4.481949 Roadmaster Showroom

The Mueller-Harkins Buick agency, an authorized dealer and service center, was established in 1916. Their offices and showroom operated within a multi-franchise auto row near 7th & Broadway in downtown Tacoma, Washington.

In the first week of December, 1948 Mueller-Harkins welcomed the public to their new location, just three blocks away at 455 St. Helens Avenue. The four photos displayed above reveal some of the details of the state-of-the-art auto center designed by Tacoma architect Silas E. Nelsen. The newly built purpose-designed building was equipped to serve every aspect of car ownership; and that proposition was accomplished with a dealership staff of eighty specialists. Customers were offered new and used cars, financing, insurance, auto diagnostic and maintenance service, collision and paint service, and upholstery service. The multi-level building also housed a Texaco Gas and Firestone Tire service center, just north of the glassy main entrance.

Since 1994, this unique showroom, under new ownership, has served mainly as an independent and privately owned display and sales office for twentieth century American brand automobiles.–M.S.T.

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