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By | January 10, 2014

Sunset? Or Sunrise? A contemporary evaluation of the context of this 1963 advertisement would likely match that of the Studebaker Board of Directors and stockholders from the era. Studebaker Corporation stopped making trucks and cars, including the Avanti, at their South Bend, Indiana headquarters in December, 1963. A second factory, located in Hamilton, Ontario, built Larks until closing in March, 1966.

November, 1962 advertisement from CAR and DRIVER magazine

November, 1962 advertisement from CAR and DRIVER magazine

Although Studebaker exited from automobile manufacturing, the corporation itself remained a going concern. Studebaker Corporation’s business acquisitions and mergers since the early 1960’s positioned the entity for subsequent strategic alliances, due to a combination of tax credits and income from its diverse operations. Newly organized business descendants of the 1960’s corporation no longer use the Studebaker brand name.–M.S.T.

thackerspeed 1963 Avanti Brochure-06

Avanti 2seater

1997-AVX-Tom Kellog Avanti

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